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Welcome to MaxxLube automotive

Green Mile Solutions VOF is manufacturer of the Maxxlube (HHO) system for cars and trucks. By using our Hydrogen (HHO) system your car can drive on a mixture of Hydrogen and fossil fuel (gasoline/diesel), also known as The Hydrogen-On-Demand system or "Water for Gas System".


Besides Fuel Savings this HHO Fuel Cell system has more advantages:

  • Fuel Savings in Gasoline engines up to 30%
  • Fuel Savings in Diesel engines up to 18%
  • Significant more engine power due to improved combustion
  • Reduction of harmful exhaust gasses up to 85% (contribution to the environment).

A Hydrogen generator in my car, what does this imply and how does it work?

Adding HHO gas to fuel is not a novelty. In 1977 NASA already did research and has proven that adding HHO to fuel gives a 45% better fuel efficiency (gas mileage).  In short summary it works as follows: A optimum fuel/air ratio is called stoichiometric ratio (enough oxygen molecules for every fuel molecule). The stoichiometric combustion ratio for gasoline is 14.7. This means that 14.7 liter of oxygen is needed to burn 1 liter of gasoline. NASA research shows that adding hydrogen (HHO) will allow the engine to run on a leaner fuel/air condition. When HHO is added, the engine will run on a fuel/air ratio of 1 to 21, which means a fuel efficiency of 45%. Unfortunately 45% fuel efficiency is not realistic. With our system we produce the HHO gas in a HHO Fuel Cell. For the production of HHO gas, electricity (provided by your engine) is needed. The electrolysis demands about 12 Amps from your battery which you can compare with driving with your lights on (Your 2x55W headlights take about 9 Amps. capacity, the tail lights a little less). Therefore the effective fuel efficiency will be about 30%.

Why have I never heard of a HHO Fuel Cell for my car?

The answer is simple, back in 1977 the price of gasoline was only $0,35 a gallon and nobody cared. With today’s fuel prices, people are looking for alternatives or ways to save fuel. Producing HHO out of water and adding it to fuel is one of them and is getting more and more popular. Even the local governments are putting HHO systems in their vehicles, the Honea Path Police in South Carolina is a good example. All their Police vehicles have a “Water for Gas  System” as they call it. Even the Mayor has a system in his car. In Japan some cars already drive 100% on hydrogen and hydrogen is available at every gas station. In Europe and the US this is not the case yet. In the US, where the gasoline costs in the last 4 years have quadrupled, more and more HHO systems are used in vehicles to save fuel. Meanwhile Europe has a few thousand cars with our systems.

The Hydrogen (HHO)gas system we offer is a solid, professional factory built system (according to CE regulations) that converts water into hydrogen, you don’t have to store or refuel hydrogen but just have to add one liter of de-mineralized water to a special tank every 1000km. The generator produces Hydrogen by a process called electrolyses. The Hydrogen gets immediately absorbed by the air intake of your engine. No HHO gas gets stored, but is used immediately (Hydrogen-on-demand).

new models[1].jpg

Is the HHO Fuel Cell system suitable for every car? 

Yes, the system is suitable for every gasoline and diesel car. The system is very compact and fits in nearly all engine compartments. For fuel savings in diesel cars please go to the link in our main menu called “How do I Save Fuel” 

Can everyone install the system themselves? 

Unfortunately not.  Some technical base knowledge and affinity with cars is needed. It’s like installing a car radio, for some it’s easy, others have no idea what they are doing. Our system is relatively simple, but installing has to be done correctly. Perhaps you have a technician in your family or amongst your friends to help you, if not and you are not sure of yourself, visit your repair shop and let them do it for you. A detailed installation manual can be downloaded from this site. Our helpdesk can always assist you in case of questions. 

In case you interested in installing our product professionally, please call us for further details!

What is the price of the HHO FUEL CELL system? 

The system is relatively cheap and a good alternative for LPG. The system pays for itself in a short period of time.


With the new Maxxlube Constant Current PWM your HHO system runs even more efficient.

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Above mentioned prices are exclusive costs for installation and fastening materials. The fastening materials to be used are different per vehicle or have to be constructed depending on the location in the engine compartment.